Building A Great Business Website

When you run a business, a website is a vital element of your operation’s marketing efforts.  People use the internet for many things, and it’s the first place they’ll go when they want to know more about your business or the products/services it provides.  

If you don’t have a strong website, you could miss out on some solid chances to connect with new consumers online.  Take a moment to check out some of the more important elements of a great business website, and consider how your pages measure up.  

Navigation is a vital element

Adding proper navigation elements to your website is crucial.  People need to clearly see how they’re supposed to dig into the content of your website.  Simple navigation helps to give people a quick reason to click.  

Make it easy to find the information users seek, and they will move forward with their engagement.  This assisted living senior facility presents a website that speaks for itself.  Take a look at how the design implements a simple navigation design that encourages users to explore.  

Focus on communication

Having a business website is all about reaching out and connecting with your consumer base online.  The importance of communication elements within your business website design is fundamental.  

A contact page is standard, but you need to do more to connect with web users.  Add other elements of communication throughout your design.  

For instance, you could add an email signup box on the homepage or a “leave a comment” box on your blog page to boost communication efforts.  

Social media is supportive

Adding sharing icons to your design will help boost traffic on your website.  Social media is the source of millions of eyes every day, and adding these familiar little sharing buttons gives your website a valuable outlet to consumers online.  

Add the simple, clickable icons in strategic places throughout your website design for maximum impact.  Your homepage, your blog, and your contact page are all great places to stamp a sharing icon or four.  

Quality content will bring traffic

Another piece of the puzzle lies in the content you create for your website.  Quality content will draw users to your pages.  Take the time to investigate what people want to find when they explore pages like your own.  

Add a blog to your website.  Add blog posts that highlight various elements of your given industry, products, and services.  Give people something of substance to read within the pages of your blog, and they will be more likely to use those social media sharing icons you added.  

Learn to incorporate SEO 

Finally, your website will have a better likelihood of being found by the right web users online when you follow and incorporate the concepts of search engine optimization within the design of your business website.

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