Top 8 Best Apps for Outdoorsmen

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In the past, survival gear for the outdoorsmen included your knife, your compass, and your canteen. Today, we need to add one more piece of equipment to that essential list of survival gear— your smartphone.

Equipped with the right apps, your smartphone can literally be your lifeline when you are off exploring the wilderness.

You don’t have to be an iOS developer to get these tools in your hands.  You can just drop by the iOS or Google Play store to download these tools.  Check out these eigth apps that are perfect for the outdoorsman.

#1 AllTrials

AllTrails allows you to find your new, favorite trail that is close to your current location. Not only will you be able to access a trail map from this app, but you will also learn about what you are getting into before you lace up your running shoes and put your dog on its leash. Users give feedback on whether or not the trails are dog-friendly, bike friendly, or wheelchair friendly. Learn the trail length, rating, and difficulty level. This is a great app to use at home or while you are traveling.

#2 MapMyHike

MapMyHike allows you to track how far you run. Sure, any old smartphone does that, but does your phone also tell you your pace, stride length, and cadence? MapMyHike allows you to sync with your Under Armour Smart Shoe to help you track every aspect of your run, and thus it will enable you to train smarter. Create challenges for you and your friends. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

 #3 AccuWeather

Part of being a good outdoorsperson is making sure you are prepared for any weather. AccuWeather will give you an accurate description of what type of weather to expect as you head outdoors.

#4 iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times

Hunting and fishing just got a little bit easier! This app will provide you with the best hunting and fishing times for any date or location across the world.

#5 Where2Hunt

Find out where other hunters are located by using Where2Hunt. This allows you to mark your location while hunting, so others don’t claim your spot, and it will enable you to see where other hunters are located at the same time. Let’s just hope the deer don’t download this app on their smartphones.

#6 Primos Winds

Deer hunters know how important it is to keep your scent away from the animal you are stalking. Because of this, Primos developed an app that allows you to monitor wind direction and speed for your current location.

#7 Primos Hunting Calls

Will and Jimmy Primos share their hunting call expertise with the Primos Hunting Calls apps. Improve your calling skills for bringing in elk, deer, dug, and turkey.

#8 GoldenPic

Although this app initially was used to improve outdoor photos, hunters quickly realized that knowing when the blue and golden hours will be occurring could help them determine when was the best time to head to their tree stands.

Most people who enjoy the outdoors prefer to go off the grid.  And, if that is you, that is fantastic.  But, if you want to stay on the grid, equipping your smartphone to be a few of these survival tools can undoubtedly prepare you for your time in the wilderness.

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