Tips for Choosing Robot Mops

Gone are the days when you had to buy a robot for vacuuming your floor and another one for mopping. Thanks to robot mops, you can now get the entire work at once with a robot cleaner.

However, choosing the right robot for the job is the main struggle especially for first-time buyers. But here’s some good news; we will discuss the crucial factors you should carefully consider before paying for any robot mop.

Floor Priority; What Floors does it Clean?

Before buying any robot mop, make sure it has been meant for that floor. Many are times homeowners end up with damaged floors because they are using the wrong robot. It is typical of manufacturers to brag about how their robots can clean all floors, from hardwood to tile. Don’t fall for the hype; make sure you do an in-depth research to make sure you are investing in the right home assistant. A good place to start the research would be reading online customer reviews. Here’s also an honest review of the best robot mops that should be on your wish list in 2018. From my experience, I would recommend a few models for hardwood floors but if you have several floor types to clean, Braava jet series will be the best.

Besides this, you should ask yourself, what area can it clean? This directly translates to battery life. Go for a robot mop with the longest battery life especially if you have a large floor to mop.

Functionality; Vacuum & Mop or Mop Only

Like earlier mentioned, there are vacuum cleaners with mopping function and robot mops specifically for floor mopping. If you already have a robot vacuum cleaner, you just need a robot mop like the Braava 240 jet or the 380t. However, having two robots just for floor cleaning can be quite an inconvenience in terms of space. For those who don’t have floor vacuum cleaners, I would recommend goi8ng for a robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function; a good example is the ECOVACS DEEBOT M80 Pro or the iLIFE V5s Pro.

Mopping Cloth; How Effective is it?

The mopping cloth plays an integral part in whether the floor will, be well mopped or not. For this reason, it should be carefully considered when shopping. Here, the cloth is looked at from several perspectives. First, how is its efficiency? I prefer microfiber cloth and this is what most brands use. It ensures maximum contact with the floor and uses very little water. Most importantly, it is very gentle and won’t damage or leave scratches hardwood and vinyl floors. Second, you should look at it in terms of size. A good robot mop should have a large microfiber cloth that covers more area. I particularly liked what we have in the V5s Pro; a large 350cm² large cleaning pad, together with the powerful battery, you can have a 450 sq. m. floor mopped in no time. Lastly, it should also be durable; remember replacements are expensive. For example, the replacement pads for Braava series and ECOVACS cost around $20. So, you need at least a durable piece. Your best shot is going for these trusted brands, iRobot, ECOVACS, bObsweep, among others.

Tank Capacity; How Much Water can it Hold?

If you do wet mopping frequently, I suggest you get a robot with a large water tank capacity. This will help reduce human intervention (refilling the tank). I had around 100 sq. ft. to clean daily and considering it was tile, I normally refilled the tank like twice in 3 days. Also, check for any extras regarding water dispensation. One thing I must comment on is cleaning hardwood floors. If you have one, and you treasure it, I highly recommend the V5s Pro or even the V7s Pro. Unlike your ordinary mops that overly wet the wooden planks, the precise i-Dropping technology ensures only the needed water is dispensed.

Navigation and Maneuverability: Will it Clean Everywhere

First, the design of the robot mop should ensure it can fit under most of the household furniture. Remember, even though high power vacuum cleaners may vacuum all dirt under sofas, beds, kickstands and other fittings, these areas beep to be mopped for a comprehensive clean. The good thing is that most robot mops have low profile designs that allow them to creep under

How the robot navigates has also been a critical area that has evolved just like in robot vacuum cleaners. This is a very important aspect especially if you have a high traffic house. In as much as the navigation systems of these robots have been hailed as the best, they are not invincible. Time and again, I used to find my V5s stuck. So far so good, I can recommend the Braava jet 240 if you have high traffic rooms.


Replacement Parts; are Filters, Mopping Cloths and Pads Available?

Robot mops require frequent parts replacement, unlike vacuum cleaners that only require filter change from time to time. For this reason, you should buy a popular brand that has readily available replacement parts. Don’t be duped by these cheap little-known brands that will take forever to receive an order for the mopping cloth or pad. I would recommend brands like ECOVACS, iRobot, and iLIFE.

Smart Features; does it Support Wi-Fi and Voice Control?

With the rapid growth in Smart Home technology, everyone is going Smart. If you want to joi9n the bandwagon, you need to get a robot mop with Smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity and App controls. This gives you an edge in remote operation. Besides, compatibility with Alexa and Assistant among many other automation platforms should be a priority. The good thing is that robot vacuums and mops with Smart features are no longer expensive.

Wrap Up

If you remain with a dull looking floor after vacuuming, a single pass with a robot mop might be what it lacks. Regardless of your floor type, it will leave it sparkling clean, free from all the grimes and stains leaf by spills and even pet paws. So, if you don’t have a floor cleaner, get a robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function and if you already have a vacuum cleaner, a robot mop will come in handy!

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