The 12 Essential Software Testing Blogs to Read

The 12 Essential Software Testing Blogs to Read

Beginning QA testers need intensive learning and training. Experienced specialists, working in this profession for a long time, need to keep up with new trends, keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of automated and manual testing, and learn about new approaches and technologies.

The good news is that today it is quite easy to get access to important professional information. And if you choose a good resource, you will find not only useful information but also the support of like-minded people. Many QA companies have their own blog and share their knowledge with everyone. Don’t know what to choose? The blogs described below are a real mine of useful information for keen testers.

The 12 essential software testing blogs to read

Adventures in Automation

This software testing blog was created by a professional automated tester, Techbeacon contributor, and Ministry of Testing Boston Organizer, TJ Maher. It has plenty of useful information for manual software testers who are planning to switch to automated testing.

The website has a clear user-friendly interface. Thanks to the intuitive content table you can easily and quickly find the right article in any category. It is also very easy to find the archive with articles from previous years.

Here you can find sections such as “beginner”, “Appium”, “code examples” and many others. Everything you need on such an exciting journey as automated software testing!


The author of this automated testing blog, Joe Colantonio,  tries to make the life of automated testing engineers easier by providing useful information in his articles, podcasts, and videos. For his blog content, he used information obtained in more than 350 interviews with QA leaders. He explains how to make automated testing reliable and secure how to improve performance, and more.

QA Madness Blog

QA Madness is a team of professional QA experts. In their software testing blog, they share valuable information about manual and automated testing as well as QA strategy development and implementation for different types of projects.

The blog will be of interest not only to testers, but also to CEOs, CTOs, product owners, and QA lead. You will find many articles on testing for startups, small and mid-size businesses, best practices for mobile and web app testing, as well as the latest news in the industry, modern tools, and tips on how to make the QA process easier and faster.

Angie Jone’s Blog

Angie Jones is an experienced specialist in the field of automated testing. She shares her wealth of knowledge about test automation strategies and techniques on her blog. In addition, she is the author of 25 patented inventions in the USA and China, as well as leading an online educational platform and in thematic conferences around the world.

Check out her blog for lots of useful information on testing trends, basic techniques and tools, and how to become an automation engineer.


It is one of the largest and best software testing blogs in the IT professionals’ world. The platform was created in 1997 as an online community for Java developers. Today it has more than 1 million subscribers. Over 70,000 articles are at your disposal.

You’re sure to find what you’re interested in here! For your convenience, all DZone content is divided into 14 thematic categories. Blog articles are written by subscribers themselves. This means that you can not only find answers to your questions but also share your professional knowledge of development and testing.

DevelopSense Blog

The author of this blog, Michael Bolton, does not write articles very often. But his posts will not leave you untouched. Co-founder of the Rapid Software Testing methodology, he consults developers, testers, and managers to help them increase the efficiency of testing. He tells how to make tests fast, efficient, and as cheap as possible. You can find Michael Bolton’s philosophy on testing in his articles.

Test Huddle

EuroSTAR, Europe’s largest community of testers, has created the Test Huddle online platform so that specialists in manual and automated testing can find training materials, learn testing news, and get support from experienced professionals.

As a member of the Test Huddle family, you’ll have access to various forums and discussions, articles on a wide range of topics, webinars, podcasts, and eBooks. And you’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to the platform and share your expertise on a particular subject.


Are you looking for the right tools? SmartBear is one of the best software testing blogs where you can find everything you need. You’ll also find information on new testing techniques and practices on this site.

Software Testing Magazine

This free website is a mine of knowledge for all those who associate their profession with testing! Expert articles, posts, the latest testing news, and reviews of new books are published here. You can not only read but also watch videos and reviews of new tools.

Are you interested in types of testing, basic strategies, and tasks? How to integrate testing into the product development process? Don’t know what effective bug-tracking tools to choose from? Check out this website. Your issues will not go unanswered.


Here you will find everything you need. This portal offers weekly articles, interviews with the best experts in development and testing, conference presentations, announcements of upcoming events, as well as white papers and downloads.

Subscribers receive a new article every Tuesday, as well as access to the Better Software magazine archive. You can also start or join a discussion of any question and get a professional answer. There are free subscription and premium account options.

Search Software Quality

A large online community where you will find a big amount of information about testing. New articles appear here every day. So it’s a great blog to keep up with the latest testing news.

Bitbar Blog

It is a big automated mobile app testing blog. New articles are not published very often. But you will find descriptions of various testing practices, interesting examples, tips, and tools. Nothing superfluous, only the most important and useful information.


Of course, this list does not include all the resources you could use for your professional growth. But, there may be something you’ve been looking for.

You can find a lot of information on a variety of topics, ask questions, share your opinion, or learn about important professional events. This list will help you spend your time in an entertaining and educational way!


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