Omnistar Affiliate Marketing Software Review 2019


Omnistar is one of the best affiliate marketing software which let you generated more revenue by using their tools. But before we jump to the omnistar review, we first need to understand about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

When blogger or website owner gets a link from the company which they put on their page and when people buy the product from that link, the blogger gets paid. Online retailer company would pay the blogger or website owner to sell their product. Its commission based arrangement between company and blogger, in which blogger get a special link for the product. There are many software out there which help you maintain and let you earn more.

Why use a software for Affiliate marketing?

You can earn thousands of dollars daily if you have a good website. Now to maintain all the links and revenue, you need a software to do that. An affiliate marketing software will improve your affiliate marketing treaty and help you get more of it. one of the software is a minister, we are going to review this software in detail.

What is Omnistar?

omnistar review
omnistar review

Its an affiliate marketing software which helps you gain more money and maintain your affiliate marketing properly. It was voted one of the best tools to use for affiliate marketing in 2017. Let’s dig deep and look at their features.

Omnistar features

  • Social Share Widget

One of the key factors in getting visitor is to get more social on the social network. Their widget will let your visitor share your post to their timeline or feed, which makes your blog to reach more people. This widget can help you get more traffic and affiliate earning as well.

  • Smart Rewards

If you are a company, then you can give your affiliate person a reward for this software. Its good to be apricated and by getting a reward, the company would get their loyalty and make them work hard.

  • Discount Codes and Coupons

You can get discount codes and coupons and you can share it with your visitors. It will reduce the bounce rate which means it will increase the sales. We all know that everyone loves a discount, by giving your visitor something extra, you will get more affiliate earning.

  • Auto Sign up

Auto sign up feature will let your customers become your brand advocates. It means now they will bring more traffic and earn for you. with referral partner auto signup feature, you can turn customers into affiliates

  • Customizable Thank You Pages

You can use customizable thank you page to turn your business successful and viral.when your visitor lands on a thank you page, they will share it and you can get more traffic from it.

  • Contest Manager

You can set up the contest and let your visitor become the force that gets you more traffic.when you set up contest, more and more people are going to participate and visit your website, you can turn that traffic into your advantage.

  • Email Templates

With email template, you can send the email to your subscriber and get more traffic. You can simply offer them more discount as they are your loyal reader and that will make them purchase from you.

  • Feedback Survey

By asking your customers about their feedback will do two things, for the company it would be a chance to interact and if they like your product, you can give them an extra discount on next product. If they don’t like it, then you can give them discount too. In any way, it’s a win-win situation.

There are many features in it, if we try to mention every single one, it would become a long post. But even if we know that it’s a great software, but whats in it for us? How it would help you.

Why to chose Omnistar?

  • You can set it up easily
  • It will help you with SEO
  • You can choose the rewards
  • It has Powerful profile management
  • You will get real-time data on total click, impression and earn
  • It has Over 60+ integrated solutions
  • Totally hosted and secure
  • You can easily promote on social media with this software
  • The company can choose the percentage which referral get in every single order

One more thing is important, their customer support

  • You can contact them via phone on daily bases if you need their help
  • You can ask their support and they will help you 24/7
  • They have good knowledge to solve your problem as they have been in this business for more than 13 years.
  • You can simply do a live chat with the software and ask for help


Omnistar pricing
Omnistar pricing
  1. BASIC


Monthly: $47.00 per month

Annual: $470.00 per year

  • 20,000 tracking requests
  • 200 affiliates
  • Free setup
  • Use your domain
  • Directory listing
  • No transaction fees


Monthly: $97.00 per month

Annual: $970.00 per year

  • 500,000 tracking requests
  • 1,000 affiliates
  • Free setup
  • Use your domain
  • Directory listing
  • No transaction fees
  • Exit intent pop ups
  • Timed pop ups
  • Opt-in forms
  • Customizable Thank You pages


Monthly: $247.00 per month

Annual: $2470.00 per year

  • 1M tracking requests
  • 5,000 affiliates
  • Free setup
  • Use your domain
  • Directory listing
  • No transaction fees
  • Exit intent pop ups
  • Timed pop ups
  • Opt-in forms
  • Customizable Thank You pages

You can even use their 15 day trail and use all the feature for free. Visit their website for more detail and to know more about it.

Our take

Omnistar is one step solution for all your affiliate marketing problem. You would earn from it even if you are company or referral. You can defiantly try out and purchase their premium account.

So have you ever used this software? If yes, how was your experience, do tell us in the comment.

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