Review : Yahoo! Bing Ad Network for Bloggers and Publishers

What Is is a contextual ad network that is partnered with the Yahoo!-Bing network that provides highly relevant ads related to your website’s content. puts ad relevance front and center which in turn leads to a high level of user engagement with the ads which in turn provides a much higher return for publishers with a better RPM rate. is a popular alternative to Adsense and currently reaches more than 100 million US desktop users. Network Features : is the 2nd largest Contextual Ads platform in the world which exclusively powers the Yahoo! Bing Ad Marketplace of advertisers globally. Contextual Ads are those which are relevant to the content of the website. For instance, if a website is about travel, only those ads will be served which are related to travel; in case of a food blog the ads served will be related to food. This makes all the difference because contextually relevant ads tend to get higher clicks which leads to higher revenue for the publisher.  

With, the publishers get access to over $6 billion worth of advertisers’ search demand. This demand is available to publishers only through A portion of this can make its way to your blog earnings if you use ads. is best ad network available as an Adsense alternative. If it is best Adsense alternative ad network then surely it has the great feature. I personally found many features which are most important and also make this ad network a reputed ad network.

Here I am listing the some of best feature of

Contextual advertisements – It is the main feature of I have already explained above about the Contextual advertisement.
High Revenue Ads – I like as because this ad network delivers high-quality ads. They optimized the ads in a very good way which help you to make a significant amount of money from your hosted ads.
Dedicated Account Manager – Very few ad network appoint dedicated account manager for the publisher. This will help you to resolve any query related to and also help you to generate the high income by selecting most appropriate ad size and type for you.
Mobile Ads – This is future of Advertising Industry, The Mobile user has been increased worldwide and adopted this industry also. One more thing with this that you no need to put the separate code for Mobile Ads. It will automatic optimized the mobile and show ads for mobile ads.
Neat and clean reporting dashboard – have the friendly dashboard. You can easily navigate throughout the dashboard.

Why Use

1) Generate incremental revenue with minimal effort.
Media.nets Contextual Ads program allows you to tap into millions of ads and topics allowing you to generate additional revenue from your website, and it only takes minutes to get up and running. You just select an ad size and copy and paste the HTML code provided on your web pages to start displaying targeted sponsored links and ad topics.

2) focuses only on publishers with premium content. is built exclusively for top-quality content publishers both large and small. Catering only to publishers with premium content allows to generate more ad dollars for publishers and provide greater ROI to advertisers. The Media.nets invite-only program allows them to provide detailed attention to each publisher and offer highly customized solutions based on individual publisher needs.

3) Top brand advisers and 100% fill rate.
Media.nets program gives you instant access to the Yahoo! Bing Network – which is one of the largest base of keyword-targeted advertisers. Large global brands and leading digital agencies from across the world actively advertise on the network. You get access to all of this without having to manage each individual relationship, or handle billing and collection issues – all the heavy lifting is done by the network.

4) Highly relevant ads that enhance user experience and reduce ad clutter. delivers simple, text-based ads that are contextually relevant to what your users are reading. You have complete control over the look and feel of your ads to make them work for your site.

5) Real support, personalized attention, and service.
The best part is that paired this awesome program with great support from the ad specialists. Now you can interact with a real person to help you with performance improvements, optimization, and customizations. Their team of account managers and optimization experts spend the time to understand your site and audience and continually work with you to generate the best results. Pros and Cons

Pros : –

1.Higher RPM on Average: offers one of the best RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Impressions) rate in the industry. I guess that’s possible because they only accept websites with most visitors from the western countries.
2.Excellent Customer Support: Once your account is approved, you will get a dedicated customer representative. The reps will help you optimize the ads and maximize your revenue.
3.Highly Converting Ad Design Options: The intuitive designs of the ads blend really well with the blog layouts, which leads to higher CTR. You can change the ad style to match your website design.
4.Powerful Dashboard: The dashboard is very powerful. You can filter the earning by various durations. The graphs and reports will help you keep track of your website performance.
5.Allows Ads on Sticky Sidebars: Most ad networks don’t allow ads on fixed or sticky sidebars. But lets you do that which is a big plus.

Cons :–
1. Some Ads Require Double Click from Visitors: There are some ads which require the visitors to click twice before you get paid. This can reduce your earning a bit.
2. Revenue Isn’t Updated in Real-time: For some strange reason, the platform doesn’t show your earning for the day. You have to wait until tomorrow to find out today’s total income.
3. Requires Most of Your Traffic from the USA, Canada, or the UK: If your website gets a lot of traffic from other countries, you can’t utilize that traffic. There’s a chance you might not get approved in the first place.

How Do I Get Started With is an invitation based ad network, you need to apply by offering details about you and your website if you have multiple blogs or websites you can apply for all of them using one account.

Representatives from will then review your application and once you are approved you will be assigned an account manager and receive your login details. It’s a good idea to make sure your site has a good amount of content before applying, sites that are new with little content generally won’t be accepted, it happened to me a couple of years ago with another ad company.

Final Words
Displaying contextual ads is the most passive form of income for bloggers and website owners. While Google AdSense is still the leader in this industry, it doesn’t hurt to test other platforms like and have a backup plan ready. If you match the requirements, I strongly encourage you to become a publisher and embrace the opportunity.


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