Leadpages (Popular Lading Page Creator ) Review 2019

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What is the first thing your reader sees when they stumble upon your website? Most of us have the same thing, list of our articles or product that we sell. If you are a blogger then you would have the last article at the front of your website. Now imagine, If you can edit that page where your reader lands. In this article, we will review lead pages, one of the best landing page creator.

Why you need a landing page?

Leadpages review
Leadpages review

First thing came to your mind is, why do I need a landing page? What purpose does it serve? How can it help me? Well, we have answers to your every single question.

  • Landing pages are the face of your website, if a user came to your website and find all the articles, he wouldn’t know what actually you do. A landing page is your business card which serves the purpose of declaring your work.
  • A great landing page means a great conversion rate for your business. If a user came through an ad or link to your website and find a great landing page with all the great deal, they will buy it.
  • It helps you collect data, emails and analytic of any campaign you have started on your landing page.
  • It gives the first impression of your company and credibility to it. a great landing page can attract more visitors and give the solution to their problem.
  • It will help you rank in the search engine by boosting your SEO.

So, all of this is the benefit of a landing page which can eventually turn to become a money-making machine which runs 24/7. Now get back to the lead page. Why you need to use particularly the lead page while making your landing page. We have a list to convince you.

Lead pages features

Leadpages features
Leadpages features
  • Drag and drop

You can simply drag and drop every option on the lead page to create it. it’s easier than writing a code. Anyone without having knowledge of coding can easily set up their page. It really makes a difference and in cost and time.

  • Facebook ad

This is rather a new feature as it will allow you to create a Facebook ad campaign with their tool. You can build, target and track a Facebook ad campaign which can bring you tons of high-quality traffic.

  • Mobile friendly

We know that most people browse internet through their mobile and it’s immanent to have a mobile-friendly template for your landing page. Lead page has 130+ free mobile template which works seamlessly on both mobile and browser.

  • Built-in payment

Sell directly from your landing page, that is what we are looking for. They have solved the biggest problem as now you can put a direct selling on your landing page with leadpages.

  • Easy A/B testing

If you are selling a product than you must have come across terms like split testing or bucket testing and A/B testing. To test which ad or which page is doing better, we run series of test and match their report. Lead pages have their analytics to show you how A or B have performed, so you can opt for better performing.

  • SMS opt-in codes

Now, this is something new, with Lead digits, now your customer can inquire through text-based conversation to enroll or get information from you. The visitor just need to send a keyword and based on that lead pages will send a message asking them for their email address and that is how they will be informed next time if any new event coming up.

You can integrate with all the sales and marketing tools you have used with lead pages and create lead by capturing their attention and installing them into your email list. There are tons of more feature in it. you can just visit lead pages features page to know about them.

So now when we describe just some of the feature of lead pages, you must be pumped up to know how this thing actually works. Is it all glitter and no gold? Well here is how you can set up your landing page with lead pages.

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How to set up a landing page with lead pages?

It’s much easier than doing the math for your 5-year-old. If you have ever use page builder in WordPress then you will find it more surprising and easy as ever.

Template set up

There are 350+ built in ready to go templet in lead pages. You just need to fill in the detail and go live with it. you can edit and change it later. If you don’t want to try any templet than there is an option for blank canvas in which you can create your landing page easily.

Page builder

It’s a tool which let you edit your templet. On the one side, you have a live preview of already building templet and on the other side all the tools and element. You just need to edit the live preview to know how it would look to your visitor.

If you want to delete something, just click on it and you will have the option of deleting. If you need to edit it, just click on the words and you can write it down. If you want to add an element, just drag it from one side to the live side and drop there.


It’s always sunshine on the front but the struggle begins at the back end. Not true in the lead page. If you need to collect ant email, you will option where will the data go and options. You can even set tools like MailChimp and set it up.

One of the biggest features which we didn’t mention in the list would be, it’s a tool for the beginner. Even if you are a pro, you would just love it as you will get all the feature without doing any coding. You did even need to learn HTML for the lead page.

So now you know how to set up your landing page with lead pages, in under a minute. You will have tons of tools and get to play with a beautiful and totally easy UI and build a killer landing page. But as we know, human nature can always lead us to ask, how much? Its all look magical but how much is it?

Lead pages plans

Leadpages pricing
Leadpages pricing

Standard plan

Its start with 37$ per month but worry not they have an option like annually and 2-year plan in which it drops down to 25$ and 17% per month. If you are just beginner than this plan will suit you as you can get access to all the necessary tools.


It starts with 79$ per month but with annually and 2-year plans, it will drop down to 48$ and 42$. Now you have more features and options.


This plan only came in annually and 2-year plan which processed as accordingly to 199$ and 159$. But what is great with it is, you will get 5 free lead page sub account, it means you can share it with 5 people and then it will be more affordable and get access to the ultimate tool of all. You can check out all their plans on their pricing page.

What’s Our take?

Creating a Landing page is essential to every single business. Without lead pages, you need to find someone to create or make it yourself. But then you don’t get all the extra perk like 100$ Google AdWords credit and amazing support from lead pages. If you still think it’s a risk, remember you can always try 14-day free trial offer.

So, did we change your mind about landing pages? Are you already using the lead pages? How was your experience with it? do let us know your thoughts in comments.

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