Everything You Need to Know About Serpstat Checklist Feature


Serpstat is a website made by Ukrainian developers which offers search engine optimisation services, such as keyword research and backlink analysis. Remained a digital marketing agency in the beginning, it was used by Netpeak, which later became its main investor. Presently, Serpstat is a tool which useful for business management. It can be used by anyone in the marketing field and it provides SEO, content marketing, advertisement or competitor research.

The newest development in this website is a tool called Checklist. This tool is basically a ‘to-do list’ generator which can be used to keep track of your progress in a certain task or simply to write down all the tasks you have to perform in the near future. Its ISP is its ability to keep track and align all your tasks simultaneously and providing its user a sort of ‘bird eye view’ over all of his/her projects.

This particular tool is relevant for all kinds individuals or teams like: –

  1. Businessmen
  2. PMs
  3. SEO studios
  4. SEO specialists.

Its ability to handle various projects and all the daily tasks of an individual or a team makes it really important for said groups.


The features of this particular are pretty unique and makes the job of people pretty easy. Some of these features are

  1. The assistant role- As mentioned above, Checklist allows its users to store all their data about their daily tasks and their future projects together and helps them to organise their plans to complete their work within deadline. Completing this task, without creating any kind of mess would probably make you feel like you have your own personal assistant.

  1. Serpstat templates– Checklist provides its users with pre-programmed and prepared templates which can be quickly put to use for various purposes like
  1. Links- can be used to store important links related to business or any other tasks.
  2. Technical part- Can be used to assign technical parameters and other alphanumeric information about your task or project.
  3. Business analysis- Can be used to study out various business ideas and plan a suitable approach over your own.
  4. Content- Can be used to keep an eye on the quality of the content being used in your project and the amount of optimisation required.

These templates can be accessed through the ‘Serpstat templates’ tab and can be quickly put to use to carry out the fore-mentioned purposes. A certain amount of editing is also allowed in these templates.

  1. Personalised templates– This option allows a user to generate a completely new Checklist template solely for their own purpose and use. This template can be highly optimised for a single purpose and personalised for your needs. They can be accessed in the ‘My templates’ tab which contains all the templates that were created by you for your projects.
  • Advantages of using Checklist: –

  1. Generation of statistical data- Apart from keeping track of your various projects and your progress in them, Checklist also generates information related to the statistics of your fulfilled tasks.

  1. Task Repetition Settings- For some tasks that need to be repeated on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly) can also be set to perform themselves by the repetition setting. You will be asked to set the regular interval after which the task will be performed on its own.
  • Steps to create your own Checklists: –

  1. Create a template- To create template, obviously, you will have to make a project of your own. After its done, enter your project and click on “Create Checklist”
  2. Choose a checklist template- Select the template of your choice and choose the projects you want that checklist to be in. If you select various projects, a separate checklist will be added in each of the project.
  3. Editing checklists- After creating the personalised checklist and filling the data as per the project, you can edit the checklist as per your requirement.
  • Saving templates: –

Checklists provides two ways of saving a template according to the way it was created i.e. if it was a Serpstat template or your own personalised template. If you edit the checklist or make some changes, you can save them as the old list or as a new one.

This was complete guide to help you get familiarised with this new amazing tool and help you to start organising your business in a very orderly fashion. You can start using this tool immediately and you are bound to see some positive changes in your projects.

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