How to Download YouTube & Facebook Videos for Free?

Vidmate is an amazing app to download videos from the internet. It lets you download videos from any website. Vidmate app for downloading videos is available for almost every platform. It is a powerful tool when it comes to downloading videos. You can download videos from youtube using vidmate.

Vidmate was developed by UCWeb.  It is considered as a user friendly tool by which you can download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumbler, Soundcloud , Metcafe and from loads and loads of other sources that are available at your disposal. Vidmate app for android not just helps you in downloading short videos but you can easily download full movies for FREE! Vidmate lets you download your favourite movies in HD quality.

Vidmate encapsulates another amazing feature which makes its existence unique, it provides the users with the provision of downloading the videos in the quality the user wants. No matter in what quality the video is available you can download in the video in your desired quality. It provides you with agile video downloading. This great app offers high download speed. You can even pause the downloads on vidmate while downloading videos. You can also manage the download and upload speed in the settings menu.

Vidmate for Android is a compatible device which runs efficiently. It has a user friendly interface. Vidmate can be used on any platform. It can be downloaded for IOS, Android, Windows-based devices also. It runs smoothly on all platforms. Apart from the astonishing features of Vidmate app it is also very small in size. It requires very less space on the device. It runs smoothly on devices with low specifications. The user does not need to worry about the perquisites before using the app as aforementioned it can run on all types of platforms.


Vidmate consists of many great features that has made this app famous in the app market. There are over 25 million downloads in total across all platforms. Using this app for downloading your favourite videos is very easy. Following are some dominating features of Vidmate app-

  • Unlimited downloads for free: Vidmate app for android gives you the freedom of downloading unlimited videos. There is no restriction on the number of videos that a user can download. You can download many videos at a time.
  • Live video streaming: the users can not only download videos using this app but also live them. Vidmate provides free video streaming for its user. You doent need to search for links to watch your favourite cricket or football match.
  • Multiple format support: this amazing video downloading app supports all kinds of video format. Other apps for downloading videos are format specific they provide support for only few video type. But this master-blaster app supports all kinds of video format such as Flv, WMV, MOV, MPEG, 3gp, Avi and many more.
  • Fast download speed: unlike other video download apps in the market vidmate surpasses all of its kind when it comes download speed. Vidmate not only provides stable downloads but also at great speeds. So, downloading videos from vidmate app is not just easy but also very fast.
  • Offline mode: just like the all time famous app YouTube ,vidmate also provides this prime feature. It makes streaming or watching videos more convenient for the users. One can save any video for later for watching it later. Once the video is saved for later view it can run without the internet. This amazing feature is available in vidmate for free.

How to download videos from YouTube for free

Vidmate app is an astonishing tool for downloading videos from vimeo, YouTube, MetCafe and many more. Vidmate app has made downloading very easy. It provides users with a user-friendly interface. For downloading vidmate app for android you need to download the vidmate apk file. Which is used for installation of vidmate app in android based devices. With millions of downloads across the globe billions of video and movies are downloaded everyday. For installation of vidmate app using an apk file just follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. First you need to click on the link available on the official site of Vidmate app and start downloading the vidmate app’s APK file.
  2. Once the downloading is completed make sure your android device is ready to accept Vidmate APK file, before you begin installation process.
  3. To make your android device ready to accept Vidmate APK file follow step by step:
  • Click on your device setting > security > unknown sources.
  • Now your android device is all ready to accept Vidmate APK file.

Once you finish up setting your device to accept Vidmate APK file, start the installation process. Once the installation is completed the Vidmate app will be installed and you are all ready to use it on your android device. You can start downloading videos and movies on your device and enjoy.

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