Top 5 Contact Form 7 Alternatives 2018

Have you ever wonder how to create a contact form which can stand out? When you have a website which you have created with hard work with lots of attractiveness, why your contact form left out of it. one plugin is contact form 7, which is one of the most popular, but we advise not to use it, rather we are sharing contact form 7 alternative for you.

When we say not to use a plugin, we have some reasons which come to the surface by many website owners. Contact form 7 is one of the most downloaded form builders but people are facing speed issue with their website and all reason indicate to the contact form 7. This is why we have gathered some of the best contact form plugins to use.

  1. Contact Form by WPForms

Contact Form by WPForms
Contact Form by WPForms

One of the most easiest way to build your contact form in a matter of minutes and not in hours. One of the best reason to chose them is their drag and drop design. It made easy for you to create any form just like that. They have lots of other features too.

They have pre-built form template, so all you need to do is change the filed if you want or let it go the same way. This contact form builder is responsive and SEO friendly and won’t let your website to leg behind. You can easily embed it into your website and doesn’t need to do any single codding. You can download the lite version for free or there is paid version too. Visit the plugin here to know more about it.

  1. Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder
Visual Form Builder

Its one of the contact form builder which doesn’t take too much of your time. They simplify everything which makes it more better than other. They also have drag and drop reordering which means you can change the order of form in which you see fit.

They have an anti-spam system which doesn’t let any spam enter into your system. There are many other features which can help you create your contact form quicker and faster. You can visit their plugin and use it on your website.

  1. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms

Its one of the paid plugin which let you go one step forward in contact form building with all their advance feature. You can use it create a survey, quiz, and contact form too. They have a prebuilt feature in templet which doesn’t let any work left for the user.

Apart from being paid and doesn’t have a free version, they have everything anyone looking for to build a contact form and they can still become your contact form alternative. They have many add-ons like mail chimp and other which let you do any tasks in a single form. So if you are wondering if buying this plugin, just visit their website and learn more about it.

  1. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms
Ninja Forms

It’s a freemium contact form maker, means it has two version. Premium and free. Both help you create a form that’s stand out in the crowd of all other forms. It has million-plus active users and with easy and intuitive UI which help website creator to make a form quickly.

They have good support and as well community support, so if you get stuck, you can find a quick solution. In their premium version, they have more option like a fresh book, Zapier, and PayPal which let you integrate with your form to make it truly intelligent one. This contact form builder is free but extensions are not and it would be really expensive if you compare it with another plugin.this can be your contact form alternative. You can check out the plugin to know more about it.

  1. Formidable Forms

Formidable forms
Formidable forms

Its one of the most customizable contact form builder which let you try all the flexible option to choose so you can find contact form alternative to use. You can create contact form from their prebuild form or you can opt to create by your own. You can select any field and put it in your form.

You can create a professional form which let you use reCaptcha and HTML Block. You can edit the HTML and CSS form and make it more personalized. With tons of elements and option, you can create contact form like never before. Visit their plugin and use it by yourself.

These are the Contact form 7 alternative which you can use and create beautiful form with total ease. There is more than 7000 form builder in WordPress repository and there are some of them which are also not to bad. But with this free and paid plugin, you can really go to the next step of your contact form building.

We hope this article would help you find contact form alternative, so you can use it and doesn’t let your website to slow down. If you have any more question, do let us know in the comment.

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