Best Heat Maps Tools and Plugins for Your WordPress Site.

Best Heat Maps Tools and Plugins for Your WordPress Site

If you want to make your content marketing strategy even stronger (and who doesn’t?), Heat maps will be of immense help. If you install a heat map plugin to your website, what it will do is, visually represent all the regions of your website which are clicked by the users. Hence you will be able to judge where all the action is located.

What is Heat Maps?

Heat map lets you visualize the number of visitors who visit any WordPress based website. Special Heat map plugins and tools can demonstrate the whole overlay with the most visited and viewed areas marked as red zones and “colder” less popular areas with the low user activity. Such Heat map tools differ from Google Analytics software. Google Analytics will show how many users visit a website, what pages they view and how to transfer between pages. Heat map analytics demonstrates how users in real time use and interact with the whole website.

Here are Top 7 heat map plugins for WordPress:

1) HeatMap for WordPress: Real Time Analytics

Realtime Analytics

Heatmap provides real time analytics and mouse tracking that helps sites editors understand in seconds which are their best performing contents. When you’d like to have a holistic and analytical overview of the different activities on your website/blog, the service will help you a lot. It is a bit different from other options because this plugin can extend tracking into the dynamic sort of elements. For instance, not only the text or images but also forms and buttons would be monitored.

Heatmap is used to optimize the traffic flow on websites and significantly reduce exit rates. It provides you real-time analytics, with easy-to-understand heat maps.

2) Crazy Egg:

Crazy Egg

Crazyegg is an amazing WordPress tool that can help you track each and every mouse click on your web page. It allows you to see what your visitors are doing on your site in real-time. Confetti heat map by Crazy Egg allows you to divide the heat map data into traffic sources. This means you can see how users from social networks, search, or other sources interact with your website.

Crazy Egg also offers some cool analysis options that will be helpful in the marketing aspect. By paying $9 a month, you can have the basic version of the superb heatmap plugin, and you have to select a plan according to the traffic you have on the site.

3) Mouse Flow:

Mouse Flow

Mouseflow is another easy to use heat map tool for WordPress users. It offers to click heat maps, scroll heat maps, movement heat map, and attention heatmap. It is a worth-going-for plug-in for WordPress, we bet. Used by brands such as Microsoft, Volkswagen, Samsung and Philips, Mouseflow has a set of options for dynamic analysis. The analyzed data can then be used for enhancing conversion rates on your site.

The tool comes both in free and paid plan. The Paid plan starts at $10per month, in which you will get unlimited pro features such as responsive support, page tracking, clear heat maps, well-crafted details on each of your web visitor.

4) Lucky Orange:

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is another popular choice in heat map analytics. They offer heat map tracking for clicks, movement, and scroll depth. Apart from that, they also offer session recording and traffic segmentation. The plugin helps you display heat map of clicks and scrolls on your WordPress website in a matter of few minutes. The plugin provides you with features like visitor monitoring as well as recording, poll monitoring, form analytics and of course, basic click heat maps. You also get a unique feature with the plugin that allows you to chat with a particular visitor through your admin dashboard.

The pricing of Lucky Orange is $10/ month for 25,000 page views on a single site, and it also offers a free plan for 7 days.

5) Inspectlet:


Inspectlet is a very powerful session recording and heat map service. It covers all three types of heat map tracking: clicks, cursor movement, and scrolling. Once you have successfully installed the Inspectlet WordPress plugin in your blog/site, you have integrated the Inspectlet Analytics service. It means that, from the moment onwards, activities in your website will be tracked, and the information will be available in an easily accessible format.

They also offer conversion funnel analytics with very powerful filtering feature. There is a robust tagging filter, which you can use to tag individual users. This way you can see how they interact on returning visits.

Plans for the service start at $39/month, but you can also opt for a free which will give you a monthly limitation of just 100 session records.


Heat map claims to be one of the simplest to use heat map analytics tool in the market. It is easy to install and comes with a very small JavaScript code that loads asynchronously without slowing down your website. With this tool, you can see the heat maps of clicks and scrolls on your web pages to know where your visitors are spending most of their time such as menu, sliders, and forms. offers a free plan limited to 5 pages on 1 site. Their paid plans start with $100 per month for unlimited pages on a single site.

7) Ptengine:


Ptengine is a free heat map and analytics plugin that helps you track and collect information about your potential web visitors on the go. You can integrate this plugin into your WordPress site to know where people are clicking on your website. They also offer A/B testing between two heat maps, which is a useful feature for designers testing different interfaces. You also get event monitoring, group analytics, conversion tracking, real-time analytics and much more. The plugin can be of great help to marketers looking for efficient and abundant data about user behavior.

Ptengine comes with a free plan that can support up to 20K visitors on one domain but if you want to increase the number of visitors and expand your monitoring over multiple domains then you have to go for the paid plans which start at $39/month.


These are the top 7 heat maps tools and plugins for WordPress that gives you complete details about your user’s mouse movements like clicks and scroll. Give these handy tools a try and let us know of your experience using them.

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