The Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

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Are you on twitter? That’s the question today’s generation is asking. Gone are those days when you get proud of your friends on Facebook, if you have a solid number of followers on Twitter, you can reach millions of people. But often we find yourself wonder that people I follow, are they follow me back. Now you can check that with free twitter unfollow tools for non-followers.

Why it’s important to unfollow the non-follower?

So, you open your twitter profile, you might be a latecomer to the party, but you have gained great followers, but when you see the number, it might surprise you. Out of 1000 people you follow, you only get followed by 600 people. That means 400 people didn’t follow you back.

You are getting their tweets every day and you retweet them and favorite them, even respond to it but yet didn’t earn their follow back. Few account is just spammy, they will send tweets which is irrelevant to what you are looking for. What I mean is, if you are a baseball fan than you don’t need to know who is winning at karate championship in Hongkong, that information is not useful to you. That is why you need to unfollow people from your twitter feed.

How to find non-followers?

That’s a tricky part, you won’t know that until you personally open up their profile. If they are following you that it will be written under their name, if not that means they are not following you. But as we know, Twitter is not facebook. You could have thousands and thousands of followers so it would be nearly impossible to manually open every profile and check it.

That is when twitter unfollow tools came in. this tool saves your time and effort by doing everything. You just need to hit the button and you will be doing mass unfollow. There are many tools out there on the internet but you need to be careful when you enter your username and password, they might be the spambot. so here is the list of tools which might help you to unfollow your non-follower.

  • CrowdFire App : This is the app which can help you manage all your social network profile. It was previously known as “JustUnfollow “will help you find all your Non-follower with just a quick of a button and let you mass unfollow twitter user. Its also come with schedule tweets and copy follower which can help you follow more people. You can unfollow daily 50 people with this app, if you want to unfollow more, you need to upgrade.
  • Manageflitter :  this twitter unfollow tools will help you get rid of all the inactive and fake profile too. You can find people who are not following you back and just simply unfollow them. It can help you post your tweets on the peak hours when the most numbers of your followers are online. This free tool is what you are looking for when you want to unfollow non-followers.
  • Friend or Follow: this is a simple tool which let you find who unfollow you and let you unfollow them one by one. This tool doesn’t require extra sign up, you can just sign up with your twitter id and start unfollowing people. It’s simpler and easy to use but really effective.
  • Twitter Karma: this tool will let you find all those followers who are currently no following you. You can simple unfollow them with a click and get rid of them in a matter of minutes. This tool will also help you find people who are following your account, so you can follow them back.
  • Twitter Counter: this tool is simpler to the other tool, it will help you find all those people who are not following you. So now you can unfollow them. You can also compare with your competitor and find out who are the people is that person is following and how it could help you. This tool has many great features which let you know how well are your state from the day you start using this service.
  • Tweepi: this tool is interesting, it says on their website that they use artificial intelligence to help you grow more. It has also one feature which let you know who are those people that not following you and you can unfollow them right away. It has more feature like recommended tweets to retweets and others. It was featured in many media outlet, so it has credibility too.
  • iUnfollow: it’s another simple unfollow tool which can help you unfollow on twitter who don’t follow you. It has another tool like canceling follow request. When you send someone to follow request basically to the protective account, you need to know is they follow you back on the twitter? If yes then no problem, if no then they could block or spam you, so it’s better to find out earlier with this tool

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