502 bad gateway error in WordPress sites – step by step Solution Guide

Using word press blog site, we would get 502 bad gateway error once definitely.

Right! I am sure….

Today we are going to tell you that how to resolve the 502 bad gateway error.

However, this is one of the most facing error message which was faced during accessing the internet. Basically, we found this error on most popular sites like on Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter etc. Don’t think that it is a normal error. If we have a blog, social account, then it also requires care. Yes, we can do because we know that how important all these in our daily routine or in our business.

Don’t worry about this error, the 502 bad gateway error affects the many services of the internet. It directly affects the websites which we are using at that time or the websites which are most commonly used.

Most of the times we will get out of this issue automatically in some seconds or minutes,

But if it is not resolved then we are here to help you. We will tell you that how to fix this issue.

 502 bad gateway? What does it mean?

502 bad gateway? What does it mean?

Modern day websites including word press are running on many servers. The highly used database server setup running a word press sites involves many servers namely:-

1- A database server that runs your database.

2-The website or application that runs your login page, PHP code and any other related content your word press sites relies on

3-web servers that serves your website files

When you come in your word press, it shows many requests for all the parts which will combine to create a page which displays in your search engine window.

The request which was shown are sended to the reserve proxy server, which determine the area where we sent the request. The reserve proxy server then get back

  1. PHOP and other dynamic content from the server where the application is being accessed

2- Your MySQL database from the database server

3- Pictures, CSS, JavaScript, Plugins, Themes and other files from the search engine.

The 502 bad gatewaynginx error message we see in our web browser occur from the reserve proxy server because we don’t know that  our word press sites is given from others and many servers.

All we have to know is that we have a server and it’s sufficient.

502 Bad Gateway Error types:-

Because of the different search engines, websites server and OS, the 502 bad gateway error will show itself in many ways but it have the similar meaning

  • 502 Bad Gateway
  • Error 502
  • HTTP Error 502 – Bad Gateway
  • 502 Service Temporarily Overload
  • 502 Proxy Error
  • A white screen which doesn’t have anything on it.
  • 502 Server Error: The server facing a temporary error and cant process your request
  • HTTP 502
  • That’s an error. Sometime server shows a error and it shows could not processed your request. Please retry after 30 seconds. That’s it which we know about it.

Another types you may see is a 502 server error.

How to fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress:-

A 502 gateway error is a issue  with the server which we are using or either it’s a issue from the client side. So we will you little bit of them.

We will tell you the most common reasons and ways to fix the problem of 502 bad gateway error

1- Try Refreshing or Reloading the Page

The most common and easy way you can try while facing 502 Bad Gateway Error Is stop for a while and then try to refresh the page. It may be the site is facing heavy traffic and the server is not able to handle the traffic in that case the error 502 Bad Gateway occurred. We can also try the different web browser to resolve this issue.

2- Clean your browser cache

If we face issue 502 Bad Gateway in nginx, then it can be fine to clear the browser history and cache because it might be possible that your browser contains corrupted links.

3- DNS Issue

DNS issue is also a reason of 502 Bad Gateway Error, such as domain is not finding the correct IP address. If you migrated your word press to a fresh user, it is important to wait for things to come in a form, which may take around a complete day in some issues. It is totally upto the TTL value of the DNS records .You can also make to clear you DNS cache. It is as simple as to clear our browser cache.

4- Again start your Internet devices

Sometimes clear cache or clear history is not worked in this 502 Bad Gateway Error then you can use the different way which is troubleshooting or either you can restart your laptop, computer too. Networking equipment is also a reason to get the 502 Bad gatewaynginx What you have to do is unplug your internet devices and wait for a minute and then plug it back.

When switching on the router or the internet device wait for 3-4 minutes then check the error weather it goes or restart the device which shows the error.

5- Disable your CDN Momentarily

CDN known as content delivery network is a service that provide the files on behalf of word press sites hence boosting the performance.

Troubleshoot and check that is that your CDN is the reason of your recent pridacement seems easy

6-Update the word press

If your word press is not updated then it also might be a reason to get this 502 Bad Gateway Error. In this case to get over from this issue you have to update your word press by checking online updates and it may be that the issue get resolved.

Final verdict:

Here we given the step by step solutions to resolve issue of 502 Bad Gateway Error. If you are still facing this issue then you can contact us on the link given below.

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