5 Incredibly Useful Digital PR Tips For Small Businesses

Having a startup and managing PR tactics can be quite a tough task at hand. With a limited budget in hand, it is very difficult to figure out which tactics to consider or not. Unfortunately, you are pitted against huge companies with deep pockets and finding strategies which yield results is no cakewalk. Read on with us to know 5 Incredibly Useful Digital PR Tips for Small Businesses and get the ball rolling.

1. Facebook Live Video And Other Features 

Videos have become a majorly important tool when it comes to PR and why not use Facebook live video for the same. The best part you do not have to pay anything with it and the reach that you receive is huge. Just decide the kind of audience you need and schedule an event marking the day and time. If you do so in advance, chances are a larger group of people are going to notice. You can take the help of a digital PR agency to guarantee smooth processing of such tasks. They also know how to utilize other Facebook features and give the much-needed PR boost to your brand and you can trust them with providing leverage to your brand too.

2. Answer Queries On Quora 

Quora is a platform where you can meet multiple types of people and generate visibility for your brand. The service again does not require any expense from your side however you have to be subtle in the manner you promote your brand. Just pick up questions that are related to the service that you are working at. You can write some interesting answers and later on additional details of how your brand suffices the need that is being talked about. In the end, add your website detail for reference. As your credibility on the platform increases more and more people would be turning to you for answers thus bringing more business.

3. Google Alerts To Track Media Placements 

As a business, you would be finding mentions online and it is better you keep track of them. Sign up for Google alerts and you can get to know where you have got recognition. Later on, you could use these mentions and promote them on your social media and website. People get to know that you are being talked about and obviously that is what you really are looking at. For the best impact create multiple alerts for the CEO, brand, marketing head, etc. This way there are more chances of you getting published and recognized.

4. Hijack Stories 

You would occasionally find stories on the web which are quite closely related to what you have to offer. If you find one of them find out ways to make yourself relevant to that context. For example, if there is a major event that is about to happen in your area you can publish your ideas related to the same. Pitch in and suggest implications of conducting the event and won’t your customers love to listen to you.

5. Make Your Website An Online Newsroom 

You would have extensive information about your social media profiles, press releases, visuals, media contacts and those can be displayed on your website. Basically, it would be like creating an online newsroom for yourself where reporters, customers, and others get access to information at one single place.


A newbie business cannot take things lightly. The fact that the budgets are low and work is extensive adds up to their misery. However, if you know how to execute the above digital PR tips you can easily conquer the challenge and get more visibility in return. In case of any doubts, you can take the help of a digital PR agency to pave the way for you.

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