4 Start Up Challenges And How To Deal With Them

System failures. Inconsistent technical support. High employee turnover.

For others, these may be minor issues within the workplace. But for you, these may seem like bigger challenges that may slowly destroy the accomplishment of your business objectives. This is especially true when you’re running a startup.

Startup owners never take even the little things for granted. So, why should you?

As a passionate entrepreneur, you can identify and combat the startup challenges.

But what exactly are those challenges and how to overcome those?

Let’s explore in detail.

Challenge 1: Your Startup Lacks Time-Tracking Software

Your projects are strictly deadline-oriented but there is no way you can track employees’ efficiency. Plus, you’re paying them without analyzing the number of hours they work in a single day.

Trick: Make use of time-tracking apps.

Instead of using Excel sheets that require you to manually update time slots of each employee and then organize all sheets, an effective way is to adapt time tracking sheets that comprise of various entry fields for hours worked, dates, and jobs on a weekly basis.

If you want to know more, here are more details about the time-tracking sheets.

Challenge 2: Your Data Is Often Stolen By Your Competitors

This applies to your organization if you deal with consumer insights, customer preference reports, and customer surveys based on primary data.

Data infringement can also lead to losing your customers. Plus, the manipulation of the same data may hurt your company’s reputation.

Trick: Consider data security

To survive as a startup, it’s crucial not to make the most common data security mistakes. Plus, inform the IT department about the tools being used by your employees as they may leak any critical data by sharing and syncing it via their mobile devices without even knowing about it. Before this happens, instruct the IT staff to take a proactive step of educating employees about the data security measures.

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Challenge 3: It’s Difficult To Retain Good Talent

“Start small to grow big” – you agree to this rule. This is the only reason you’ve got a one-room office. Though you’re doing great in terms of achieving cost-effectiveness, your employees can’t stop complaining about the small workspace.

Trick: Bring visible changes to the workplace.

It’s no surprise that people look at different factors when it comes to job satisfaction. Some may consider working conditions as their first priority while others may prefer to be highly paid.

Even little things can make them happy. Help your employees increase their productivity by incorporating the following changes to your workplace:

  • Check the air quality. If the workplace lacks adequate heating or cooling, get your HVAC system checked right away.
  • Inquire if there are any bathroom repairs needed. For instance, if the faucet lacks pressure of water, call Plumbing Fix.
  • Even if it’s a small office, you can still give employees the option to make their own coffee. Just bring in an electric coffee.

Challenge 4: You Can’t Figure Out How To Communicate With Remote Workers

You’ve hired remote workers because every other startup does so to keep costs down. But if you’re unable to manage the workforce, offering them to telecommute could be a bad option.

Trick: to ensure higher productivity from the remote staff, timely communication is the key.

If your employees are located in a region with a different time zone, adjust your own timings accordingly. This may seem to be the hardest part of running a startup, of course. But the rewards are worthwhile: as a team leader, you’ll be able to communicate with them via video conferencing or other media.

Since you’ll be able to give live instructions and feedback to them, you can expect a drastic change in their level of productivity.


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